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Jocelyn Ulevicus

I use watercolor to explore and find meaning in the world around me. Seed and Harvest is a meditation on hope; on creating reality through mindful and sometimes mindless repetition, articulating Emerson's quote, “We become what we think about all day long.” Seeds (or ideas/thoughts/emotions) are falling to the ground, resulting in the splendor of harvest, a new chapter in the lifecycle. I chose vibrant and often opposing colors to express the dynamism of the human experience, and indeed, as of late, given the intersection of the COVID pandemic and the current anti-racist movement. Seed and Harvest asks the viewer to embrace change while yielding to the unknown.

Jocelyn M. Ulevicus has a background in Social Work, Psychology, and Public Health. Her essays, poetry, and artwork are forthcoming or published in magazines such as Beyond Words, Dewdrop Journal, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Osscilliscope, Entropy Magazine, and Life in Ten Minutes. Ms. Ulevicus currently resides in Amsterdam and is finalizing her first book, a memoir, titled The Birth of A Tree, which was recently shortlisted for the Santa Fe Writer's Program 2019 Literary Award, judged by Carmen Maria Machado. In her spare time, she hunts for truth and beauty.

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