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Christopher Paul Brown

Christopher Paul Brown is known for his exploration of the unconscious and the serendipitous. In 2020 his work appeared in fourteen periodicals and two hardcover books. His first photography sale was to the Standard Oil Company of Indiana and his video You Define Single File was nominated for the Golden Gate Award at the 47th San Francisco International Film Festival. He earned a BA in Film from Columbia College Chicago in 1980.

Artist's Statement: I have a habit of visiting a dvd rental store about once a week. It’s in an old building and is adjacent a beauty salon, a brewery/bar and a pastry shop. A parking lot serves these businesses and at the rear of the lot are homes with a fence and ten feet of grass separating them from the parking lot. On a spring day I pulled into a space facing the fence. I had my camera in the back seat and the fence, the warm air, green grass and blossoming fruit tree all called to me. I got out and began shooting. While the tall fence afforded privacy to the house behind it, there was also a door, and a chair on a long swath of grass. I had previously seen people seated there, apparently enjoying the bustle of west Asheville. I took a mere 31 pictures, a tiny fraction of what I do when shooting with a model. However, that’s how it often is when I shoot a tight location. I simply feel satisfied at some point and put my camera down.


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