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Geoffrey Aitken

mixed messages

in this rush

in this cascade of hours

of service

locked onto weary

it appears

the bombs dropped


were a mistake

& for clarity

the rockets sent


may also be in error.

our place

we came together

for drinks


& a catch up

realign our pasts

with the joy of youth

before it slowed

lost momentum

& a glass fell


mixed laughter

with tears

& we realised

we’d expected too much.


Minimalism drives Geoffrey Aitken away from the scene of mental unwellness for the eyes and ears of those without voices. Widely published—locally (AUS), and internationally (the UK, US, CAN, CN & FR). Most recently, Cacti Fur and Flashes of Brilliance (US) and Oxygen (AUS). Older, he chases suburban congeniality.


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