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Ukraine Anthology in print

Freedom: An Anthology for Ukraine, originally published online in conjunction with our friends at Nine Mile Magazine, is now available in a print edition from Amazon: Freedom: an anthology for Ukraine

From the introduction: How shall we as poets and artists comprehend and respond to these displays of dark tyranny and violence? The editors of Hole In The Head Review and Nine Mile Magazine offer this anthology as one answer: Its message is that we should respond as what we are, that is, as artists.


Doug Anderson

How Shabby, Poetry

Mimi White

An Old Human Song

Matthew Lippman

They Will Always Remember There Were Kids Like Them

The Smell of a Peeled Orange from Across The Room

Zoo Cain

for Ukraine

Sam Pereira

Thinking of Mayakovsky during the Days of the Little Napoleon, Putin, While the Wind Cries Mary

Live Update on the War

James Cervantes

Theater of War

Kim Malinowski

Birthday on February 26

Stephen Kuusisto


Sara Parrott

Under a Ukrainian Roof

K. Johnson Bowles

Poison Pens

Ralph James Savarese

Root Hog or Die


Tito Mukhopadhyay


Bill Schulz

Nuremberg to Moscow

Charter Weeks


Tim Suermondt

The City

Karen Kilcup

Equinox in Ukraine


Bob Herz

February 25, 2022: War

The Poem of Inordinate Cruelty

David Weiss

In Store

Andrea Scarpino


Grace Mattern


Jody Stewart


David Lloyd



Elizabeth Knies


Vincent Spina


Eva Rose Goetz

Grow Peace

Carry Peace/Watch Listen

How Much More

Helena Minton

Overnight War

Valentina Gnup

Song For Ukraine

Kenneth Rosen


Liz Libbey

The Basement

Alison Harville

What We Wake To Is What We Fell Asleep To

From A Distance

Bill Burtis

Photo from Kyiv

Stand With Ukraine

cover art: Flag Burning 3.23.22 by Bill Schulz

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