Table of Contents - vol. 1 no.1

Editor's Note

Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest

Sunny with a chance of Homicide (image)

Holding your hand (image)

Ron Riekki

Making Minimum Wage at 50

​Last Night I Woke Up Screaming Again

Jenni Kate Baros

Weekend Warrior

Michael Hettich


The Constellations

In That Language

Rand Bishop

Reaching Out

Ode to Baboon

Greg Clary

Barber Shop (image)

Larkin Warren

Dream Field, Wednesday Hill Road



Elizabeth Kuhlman

Against Despair

Joseph Hardy

The Only Light Coming In

In Late Afternoon

Eric Paul Shaffer

Orphaned at Sixty

S. Stephanie

February's Question

All that work we have done

Jessica Purdy

The Wick Will Never Go Out

Ode to the Burned Match

Frankie Soto

If a song could kill us

To all the boys who will stutter

If these bodegas could talk

Sharmaine Pretorius

UVEA MORSE CODE MASS AGE – The Method – IS – The Message –

Vitreous Humor (5522) C (image)

Chiron Alston


Andrew Periale

Girl Leaves Nest

The Illness

How the Old Act in Love

John Skewes

Poem for the light (image)

'63 Valiant

Tyler Jacobs

She Has Gotten Really Good At Hiding The Fact

That She Smokes Cigarettes

Keith Stahl

The Extreme Killing Range of an Ordinary 12-Bore

Rifling and Bullet Stability

Effect of Using Different Shotgun Powders

Richard Heckler

The Streets of Bodhgaya (image)

Street Kids Keeping Warm Before Dawn, Bodhgaya, India (image)

Christopher Riesco

Coca Cola Zero Peach

Rick Kempa

Sort of Like a Miracle

Amy Young

Catching Rainbows in Tres Ritos

Mawi Sonna


Jasmine Ledesma

Last Supper Where I Play All The Roles With One Halo

The Light I Want

Depression Feels Like Selling Out

Zoe Halse

Too Pretty - The Bradgate Unit

Julia Wagner

Two Goats

Space Gang

After Hunting

Ashley Coulter

Mark DeCartaret

Good Luck with This

At the Rehabilitation Center

Connor Drexler

The Guide

The Funny Stories of War

John Jacobson


Travis Stephens

By The Chippewa River

Candice Kelsey

Witch Doctor

Bill Burtis

Windows (image)

Nancy Jean Hill

Summer Love, 1960

Saving My Green-Eyed Princess

On Giving Up Golf

Linda Drach

Four Dead In Woods, One Missing

Nicole Zdeb

To the Woman on the Bridge

Kathleen Clancy

A History of The Sparrow's Song

Tammi Truax

Dinner Conversation with a Young Friend

John Leonard


Promises to Keep

Traffic Cohn

Paul Brahms

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