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John Skewes

Poem for the light

‘63 Valiant


Loving you is as easy as eating my future one road sign one bar
stool one high rise fractured limbs on softball fields so far into my
tomorrows that even seeing above the wave of what is not yet
for a yet to be past life
is like judging the salinity of the great Salt Lake before the big
flood where we would one day float then remember the day like it
was other people
you in your shorts under your skirt
me in jeans leaning on the arm of an amusement park bear like a
reflection in sunglasses in an undeveloped photo in a lost camera
waiting out there somewhere
for someday in a pile of belongings I will make from the contents
of a car
which will die on a street I don’t know
in town I am new to
that at the time I don’t know
is leading me to you who just went by in a bus
a sign I missed
and wouldn't have meant anything anyway and matters not to this
story because loving you is as easy as consuming years
eating my future with a hunger that doesn’t wait to swallow or
wipe its chin
to make it to my past
where I am with you.

John Greenslade Skewes is a writer and photographer who lives in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire. He can be found most afternoons, camera in hand, walking the wetlands and forests with his spotted dog. Works have appeared in, The American Journal of Poetry, Into the Void, Ariel Chart, and The Molotov Cocktail and Folded Word.

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