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Natalia Ershova

The heroes of my project are people, who barely ever leave their home. Many of them work at home, others are sponsored by their relatives. They are very different people, but they have one thing in common – they live in the Internet. Some of them have a lot of friends, but they communicate to them only online or in their homes. And some of them are just modern hermits. I took pictures of my heroes in their apartments, with their animals and with their favorite things. I asked every one of them “Why do you maintain such a lifestyle? ” Also, under every photo you can find the age of the person and you can find out how many years he or she doesn’t work officially. Now, most of the people depend on the Internet in one way or the other; and my heroes are an overacted version of the Internet addiction and social loneliness. I think that with the development of the Internet it is a very broad tendency, especially in large cities, where the pace of life is fast and where there are too many people and too much stress.

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