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R. C. Barajas

The three photos submitted here were all taken with various pinhole cameras—meaning the cameras had no lens, but rather a very small hole to allow the light from the outside world to fall onto the film. These images require rather long exposure times, so any movements in front of the camera are seen as soft, etherial records of that movement.

R.C. Barajas grew up in the wilds of Stanford University in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She investigated several institutions of higher learning, finally garnering her degree in art from San Francisco State. For the next 10 years she worked as a goldsmith. While living in Colombia, she honed her writing skills, publishing in The Washington Post Magazine, Cleaver, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Her analogue photography (sometimes hand coloring/drawing on prints and negatives), has been shown in Virginia and Canada and published in the Northern Virginia Review and Seities.  She lives in Virginia, with her husband and two loopy dogs.

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