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Christy Sheffield

The art, animation and poetry are my own. The music is by Jahzzar. This is an interdisciplinary piece that incorporates media as a collaborator. Light is a recurring theme in my work, and the squid's bioluminescent ability was an endless fascination. I am crazy about joining text, graphics and imagery and am bent on allowing each art form to maintain its integrity.

Christy Sheffield Sanford is an artist-writer living and working in North Florida. She was won an NEA in Poetry and is the author of eight small press books including The Cowrie Shell Piece (Baroque and Rococo Strains) and Great Lakes (Map-Induced Trance States). Sanford's digital animations have been published by The Ekphrastic Review, Atticus Review, Amp (Hofstra University) and other literary magazines. The Mallarmé Fan Cycle, a suite of poems, was recently featured in Inverted Syntax. She has an essay forthcoming in The Digital Review. Sanford holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and Interarts from Antioch University, Yellow Springs, OH.

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