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Larissa Hauck

Through the exploration of visual myth-making Larissa Monique Hauck expands on concepts surrounding femininity and nature as a vessel for catharsis, vulnerability, and impermanence. Her ethereal drawings reflect a duality between fantasy and reality, by conjuring dream-like imagery that develops into a transformative state reflecting on the fleeting aspects of time and humanity. These notional subjects respond to feelings of isolation in a crowded and alienating world by evoking the healing that comes from within. There has been major changes across the world this past year, and as important as it is to adapt it is equally if not more important to take care of ourselves. This series of small-scale ink drawings were created during the quarantine of 2020/21 and reflect upon the importance of remembering that as humans we are a part of nature ourselves, and like flowers and plants we need to tend to our parts (whether is is spiritually, mentally, or physically). Otherwise we will atrophy and eventually wither away. Larissa Monique Hauck is a queer emerging visual artist that graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2014, where she received a BFA with distinction. Many of her artworks have been featured in regional and national group exhibitions as well as a growing number of international exhibitions. She has been selected for inclusion in events such as Nextfest 2018 (Edmonton, AB), Nuit Rose 2016 (Toronto, ON), and the 9th Annual New York City Poetry Festival 2019 (New York, US). Her drawings and paintings have also been featured in publications such as Creative Quarterly (US), Wotisart Magazine (UK), Minerva Rising (US), and various others.

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