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Andrea Scarpino


Staying calm is a kind of weapon. ~former Ukrainian Parliament member

So is offering a phone call to an enemy soldier.

So is serving him a cup of hot tea.

So is looking him in the eye as you speak.

So is circling a power plant with your truck, SUV, hatchback.

So is sharing your insulin with an elderly neighbor.

So is baking the last of your flour into bread.

So is leaving it out for abandoned pets.

So is walking down empty streets.

So is taking photographs.

So is uploading them to the internet.

So is holding a hand-drawn sign to your chest.

So is getting arrested.

So is planting seeds you carefully saved the year before.

So is picking up a crying child and asking their name.

So is telling them the funniest joke you know.

So is laughing.

So is laughing until your throat is raw.


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