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Charter Weeks


Charter Weeks has been photographing for 45 years. He studied with Harry Callahan at RISD. Ran a commercial photography business in NYC serving commercial and editorial clients including New York Magazine, major record labels and advertising agencies. He has lived in New Hampshire for many years with his wife, the poet Marie Harris. In the past 10 ,years his work has appeared in The New York Times, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Corvette Fever and other journals and been exhibited in galleries in Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. His work is also in numerous private collections including MOMA. He is available for commercial assignments and you may see more of his work at www.charterweeks,com


These images are made from two 35mm transparencies sandwiched

together and scanned. In other words they are each full density

images and they each impact the other in terms of color, content and density.

I am unaware of any digital process that can replicate this effect.

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