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Diana Roper McDowell

Phoebe Island at Low Tide

Osprey Nest on Sutton Island

Misty Morning

Looking Down at the Boathouse

Stalking the Shorel

Butterfly & Bees in the Thistle

Burnt Coat Lighthouse

Vernal Pool in the Great Meadow

Swallowtail Lighthouse

A Break in the Storm

Port Tack


Diana explores both abstractionism and realism in art, and works to combine the two art

forms. The outline of her subject matter leans towards realism, but the shapes of color

inside the subject, are abstract. She uses color and line to meld the two art forms


To create her works of art, she spends about half the time on the drawing to explore

interesting shapes to make your eye move throughout the painting. She then works

with color to either solidify the realism, or give rise to more abstraction, depending on

what works best. She finds that the abstract shapes tend to shut down one’s internal

dialogue and relax the mind in a wash of color and movement. She calls this Abstract


She has been in various galleries over the years, most recently in Artemis Gallery in

Northeast Harbor, ME.

She studied at the Norton Gallery and School of Art in West Palm Beach, FL, and at the

University of Maine in Orono.

She has been included in Carl Little’s book, Paintings of Maine, and in David Little and

Carl Little’s book, The Art of Acadia.



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