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The true painter learns from things, not from other painters.

The true philosopher learns from his mind, not from doctrine.

The true poet learns from the parade of images, not from writers of the past. -Yuan Huang-tao (1568-1610, late Ming dynasty) (a writer of the past)


Gerald Stern died just a few days ago. I'd like to have had a chance to walk and talk with him by a river, the Arno or Monongahela. Maybe just listen...


This issue of Hole In The Head Review marks the end of our third year of existence.


Our readers come from 130 different countries, Albania to Zambia; 188,296 page views; 42,305 site sessions; 27,997 unique visitors/readers.

How did that happen?

We keep it interesting with established and emerging artists, photographers, and poets whose work we find engaging, challenging, moving, sometimes fun, sometimes dazzling.

Thanks for joining us and if you have thoughts on how we can improve, please drop me a line


If you haven't voted, stop reading, go vote...we'll wait.


Freedom: An Anthology for Ukraine is now available in print.


The First Quarterly HITHr Poetry Reading

Our first quarterly poetry reading took place at the Maine Jewish Museum on October 27 with featured poets Linda Aldrich and Richard Foerster. As Linda said afterwards, "It was so good to be back in person within a community of people who love poetry." And in such a beautiful space.

Look for a video of the reading on our Youtube page soon.

We'll be doing this again on January 26, 2023, poets to be named soon!


My thanks, as always, to everyone here at Hole In The Headquarters who help to pull this all together: Bill Burtis, Nancy Jean Hill, Jere DeWaters, Marilyn Johnson, Michael Hettich, Marie Harris, Peter Johnson, and Tom Bruton. Thanks for routinely pulling me back down to earth at the end of every reading period!

We'll be back with more of this hole thing on Ground Hog Day 2023.

Peace and all good things until then!

(You voted, right?)

We miss you, Michael


And here's what we've been listening to...

[6 years 11.18.22 ODAAT]


photo by Katie Moum ||



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