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Garima Soni

In Search of a Place Called Home

This photo series is a self portrait project depicting the loneliness of an immigrant.


Garima Soni is a portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Born and raised in India, she moved to New York City when she was 21 years old to study Computer Science. She worked as a software developer for 6 years and quit the job to pursue her passion in film and music. She moved to Vancouver in 2020 and studied film production at Infocus film school graduating in Oct'21. She works in Vancouver as a freelance photographer/cinematographer. She has published her debut poetry/photography book titled "Sometimes I wonder if I'd rather have poetry or I'd rather have you" as a digital kindle ebook. She is currently working on producing and directing a documentary series "Heal Through Poetry" based on a poetry and mental health awareness. She specializes in low key lighting and colored lighting photography.


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