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Headlines - Charles Simic

Saturday Night Fever

Fred and I were on the beach one night.

The tide was high, the mighty waves

Pounded the sand and the huge rocks

Leaving a trail of suds in their wake

As if there were laundresses out there

Soaping the day’s wash in the ocean,

When some guy in a tuxedo showed up,

His trousers rolled; his feet bare.

Without a glance at us, he went in.

Hey Mister! We shouted as he strolled

Deeper and deeper as if determined

To go for a swim or to drown himself.

Just then his chick darted out of the dark

Disheveled and half-undressed.

He was drunk, and she didn’t seem to be,

Catching him just as he went under

Till they both regained their footing

And started smooching, so we left them.



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