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jack bordnick

Artist Statement: My works, represent what I have accomplished with this art form. I call it my quantum and metaphoric moment, the changing from one form to another. They express and implement my thoughts and feelings, regarding taking risks, without any guarantee of their success….. and to be reflected in these present works, is my goal. The predominate imagery deals mostly with faces of both living and non-living beings and things. They are expressed in these many forms and images and do speak to us in their own languages.These present sculptural images incorporate both surrealistic and mythological and magical imagery, fabricated in mixed media assemblages. They are assembled, disassembled and reassembled. I would keep the cropping as close to the original as possible. This series is a composite of facial formed images . Being a designer and sculptor living here in New Mexico, has allowed me to have a deep understanding of our culture and environment, that has influenced my artistic interpretation and creative solutions to my creative projects. This is what I enjoy sharing with all peoples.


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