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Katrinka Moore

Upon Waking

Some spirited particles take wing

won’t come back can’t

no matter how we sing out cry

Others try to make up the absence

but miss the ones that have gone

Drawn into the dew the air they call back

were always with us as it turns out entangled

so the wrenching has a purpose

dissolves a boundary that isn’t there

Heartened I’m here intact lie

beside my love who’s still asleep

inside his own particles outside

Lovely in its way this pulse

behind the left ear whispering finity

whisper so thin it’s invisible

strong as a spiderweb We’re

all caught in it like moths



He’s light as feathers

If the body came into being

but when he lights on the yet-to-flower


because of spirit

the tall soft stem curves down

to the ground

that is a marvel

He hangs on rides the arching


but if spirit came into being

then flies perches on a sky-high


because of the body

sings a phrase over and over Takes


that is a marvel of marvels

[italics are words attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas,

tr. Marvin Meyer and Elaine Pagles]


Katrinka Moore is the author of three books—Wayfarers, Numa, and Thief—and a chapbook, This is Not a Story, winner of the New Women’s Voices Prize. Her next book, Diminuendo, comes out this summer.


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