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Leanne Grabel


Leanne Grabel is a writer, illustrator & retired special education teacher who is in love with mixing genres. She has written & produced numerous multi-media shows, including “The Lighter Side of Chronic Depression” and “Anger: The Musical.” Grabel's graphic memoir, Brontosaurus Illustrated, was published by The Opiate Books in 2022. My Husband's Eyebrows, a collection of illustrated prose poems, was published by Poetry Box in 2022. Grabel just finished a collaboration with filmmaker Penny Allen, illustrating Allen's novel This Rescue Thing. Grabel is the 2020 recipient of the Bread & Roses Award for contributions to women's literature in the Pacific Northwest. Grabel is a member of ArtLab 2023 [] and is preparing a comic monologue on the joys and irritations of aging.


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