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Lin Lisberger

Bridge to a New Me - Tangled

Who's the Victim...(banana)

Who's the Victim...(Hammer)

20 Walks - Two Lights

Stones from the River

Bridge to a New Me - balance


Lin Lisberger has been a sculptor and wood carver since the 1970s. She taught

sculpture, drawing, and design in the University of Southern Maine Art Department from

1981 until retirement in 2017. Lisberger has an MFA in sculpture from the University of

Pennsylvania (1980) and a BA in Literature from the University of California at Santa

Cruz (1973) and she lives and has a studio in Portland, Maine. Her exhibition

experience is widespread, and she has work in several private and corporate


Lisberger has been making art in Maine for over forty years, and over time the

sculptures have incorporated many images, always resonating with the attributes of

locally accessed wood. Her attention to form has been consistent, describing both

object and space, and thus creating a foundation upon which an abstract narrative can

be built. She uses narrative, both subtly and overtly, to emphasize her interest in

humans and their journeys.


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