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Lior Locher

sunset crane

ghost train

escape by train

educational visit

sunny shipping crane

Lior Locher is a nonbinary mixed-media artist, mainly working in acrylic, collage and printmaking. After having lived in 6 countries on 4 continents and being homeless at some point, they are now based at the English seaside. They are largely self-taught and started making art later in life, building on some local classes in drawing, floristry, painting and printmaking. Their work is particularly popular with American literary magazines where Lior has pieces featured every few months. They have done an art commission with Colossive Press in Croydon UK on AI and the medieval legend of the Golem. Lior showed in 10 group exhibitions mainly in the UK in 2023 and will have their first solo gallery show in April 2024 with Elms Window Gallery in London.


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