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Luigi & Kate Agnelli

The Speaking Forest

The House in The Trees

A Trip Through Italy

The Dream Collector

An Extraordinary Experience...Life!

The Things I Never Told You

Shakespeare From England to Italy

Towards A Better Day


Luigi & Kate Agnelli

Luigi and Kate have been drawing together since they met in Luigi’s home town of Arezzo in Tuscany, Italy. Neither have been artistically trained and come from very different backgrounds. Luigi studied law and worked as a sales manager and as a skipper before meeting Kate, originally from England, where she worked as an archaeologist and architectural historian.

You can visit their permanent exhibition and studio in the atmospheric thirteenth century convent of St Francis in Cortona, Tuscany. Their traveling exhibition, ‘The Story of Life’, is universally acclaimed by the public and press to be one of the most emotive and suggestive exhibitions of our time. Their drawings have reached all corners of the globe, from Italy throughout Europe via Istanbul, to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada. Many drawings evolve from a story, written by the couple before they embark on the piece together. This is graphic art on a scale rarely seen today. Executed using fine ink pens, each drawing takes on average two to three months to complete, often longer. The decision on whether to add colour is made as the drawings take form … maybe a touch of red, gold, silver or coloured pencil, or maybe not.

For more information about Luigi & Kate or to buy prints of their drawings visit:


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