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Marilee Pritchard

The Eccentric

Looked like the Unabomber

with kinder eyes and better intentions

lived in a run down fifties shack south of Kalamazoo

with a caved in ceiling and orange shag carpet

no place to sit down

chairs upholstered with chaos of clutter

tried to drive his two undrivable cars

last time forgot to get gas

three cell phones ringing but no computer

controls time and space checking his Dick Tracey watch

read One Two Three Infinity at nine years of age

rode a bicycle from the Ukraine to Paris

got a PhD in biophysics from Cal Tech

was the class genius fallen on hard times

lost his words to aphasia

lost his wife to Covid

lost his goddamned mind

and did some time in the state asylum

sometimes thinks people are out to get him

worked in a laboratory sequencing DNA

cloned multiple strands of human genome

at the end of a long journey

sang the opening passage of The Odyssey in ancient Greek

his pitched vibrato rising, falling



Marilee Pritchard is a retired RN who lives in the Chicago suburbs and likes to cook, play the piano, and create poetry that tells a story, uses accessible language, and employs beautiful imagery. She is a member of the Second Saturday Poets in Palatine, IL. Recent publications include: Paterson Literary Review, After Hours, Passager, and Naugatuck River Review.


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