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Marvin Flores

Til Death Do Us Part

They were dancing, like shell casings—

but quiet, but grim;

restricted, like asthmatic lungs—

but measured, but kept their paces;

present, like his tumor—

but for love, but for each other’s eyes—

undefiled, like yesterday—

but sorrowful, unsettled, in extremis

Dr. Burzynski, tell me, if you can,

without his voice to steady her, what will she do now,

now that he is already passing from the memory of men?


Marvin Flores is a first generation American whose parents emigrated from El Salvador during the civil war. He began writing at the age of 19, shortly after his best friend died in a car accident. He currently resides just outside Washington D.C. in Falls Church, Virginia, where many of his stories and poems take place. Recently his poem “El Salvador” was published in the Delmarva Review.


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