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Nicole Zdeb


Camellia in Dirt 1

Camellia in Dirt 2

Camellia in Dirt 3

Camellia in Dirt 4


Nicole Zdeb is a writer, artist, and astrologer based in the Pacific Northwest. In her work across genres, she's interested in time, pattern, and lifecycles. She holds a MFA from the University of Iowa, and works at the University of Kansas. * This Camellia series follows the deeply symbolic flower through its gorgeous decay, as the greens and creams give way to gold and umber, a rich transformation occurs in the flowers and in the viewers. We empathize with this process because we are living it. As an artist, sinking into the dirt, the texture, the messiness begins to reveal the groundwater underneath. Call it source. Call it energy. Call it hope. She believes the process feels like augering for the freshlets, the flow beneath the wrought surfaces.


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