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Review of Steve Langan's Bedtime Stories

Book Review for Steve Langan's Bedtime Stories (Littoral Books, 2024)

Bedtime Stories navigates the depths within the small moments of our lives, finding hope in the briefest spaces that live between larger times. Langan builds the intricate landscapes of the human experience, approaching the world with clear eyes, finding humor and whimsy within the gravity of life's most profound moments. The collection is imbued with raw vulnerability and a disarming honesty, that sometimes must move back into the light in order to break the tension. Langan challenges the reader to find solace in the knowledge that the weight of life often outweighs the weight of death, and his poetic voice is not just a personal expression but also a reflection of the broader social narrative. This interplay between the individual and the collective adds a layer of depth and relevance to the work, ensuring that the reader is not merely a passive observer but an active participant in the conversation.

- Kristen Clanton, author of The Swallows


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