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Robert Guzikowski

Aphasia Poem 31

have you been in a field

with the grass as tall as

a child finally free

during the august

new moon night

when first crickets pulsate


whelming yelling

fainting shouting

from every side?

vast groundless fields of words

entangle me in syntax

ensnare me in dry

timothy grass gone to seed.

their reaching up

brittle heads scrape

against my ribs

articulate vibrations

call out to the swooning night

as bug lightning


the humid frantic air.

without me without words

remember these nights

so starry so loud so dark so bright.

Aphasia Poem 33

understand now

difficult how

I speak imagine

momentarily can you panic with me

share words lost in magnetic syntax with me

stare into the sun’s fierce stare with me

to find morphemes each

completely sufficient

completely contained

in a thunderclap so close

it never rolls across the sky

so close it measures

the other’s tongue’s clamor for night

even as sunlight with moonlight with sunlight

balances the crepuscular lightning.


Robert Guzikowski published work in the1970s and 80s in several magazines, including Grub Street (Bronx, NY), Letters and Tightrope. He co-edited The Parlor City Review. In the 1990s, he had encephalitis which caused brain damage and various disabling conditions. He has resumed writing and some of his work has been published or is upcoming in Kissing Dynamite, The Raw Art Review, Rogue Agent, Wild Roof Journal and Concision Poetry Journal.


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