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Sharon Lee Snow

Lab Results Friday Evening After Five

A little lump—nothing to note—a little

cough, nothing to ping

anything in a world so askew

already. You cannot feel decline

moment by moment but it catches

up with you all at once, the way

a shadow blooms into focus,

sharp and all-consuming

within the crowd. A quickening

that stops your heart and starts

it again. The day you outlived

your mother so long gone,

the day you dared

to think it a game you beat. You

go on and on in a mad world

that lets cellular things hide

and sneak in with other monstrous

things. Running through

exhaustion and the weight

of the day-to-day. Turning

to some perceived light after

a long slog. Your doctor running

labs just in case, never

knowing the answer will

catch you all alone one

Friday night, where you

watch the streetlamps flicker

through trees,

afraid to shut your eyes.


A Pushcart nominee, Sharon Lee Snow earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Her award-winning short stories, creative nonfiction, and poetry have been published Griffel, Glassworks, The Concrete Desert Review, Underwood, South 85, Typehouse, Gulf Stream, Bridge Eight, Finding the Birds, and other journals. She works as a university instructor. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram @sharonleesnow and her website


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