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Connor Drexler

The Guide

Barred owl cradled in the snow-dusted trees.

Something so serene is a beautiful thing.

Down the trail, back turned, meander on.

From the branch, hurling down, talons out.

Remind a creature how to flee.

Something so is a beautiful thing.

The Funny Stories Of War

At my age,

Grandpa was dodging death

in the jungles of New Guinea.

Imagine jet black hair, a wiry body

that could scale a palm tree. He’s clutching a pistol,

zig-zagging around tree trunks

beneath a broadleaf canopy.

Then a hill,

the sky revealed, bullets falling like rain.

It’s the part where this almost never happened.

The red cape Grandma ties

around her child’s neck.

The personal ad Dad writes

in the Madison paper during Grad School.

The woman who writes back.

Grandpa told the funny stories

of War. Shooting an empty helmet

he thought was a Japanese soldier.

Army coffee that made him shit quick.

Men who hate killing

are more likely to come home.

During Christmastime, we remember

the next part. Us, out of the jungle,

clustered at the window, waving at

the first to travel home,

the unlikely ways

we’ve remained.

Connor Drexler pursues his passions through reading, writing, singing, adventuring, and learning anything new. He’s been a community organizer, a farm-hand, and many other things in his lifetime, but will always remain a writer. His love of writing reflects his deep curiosity for life.

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