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Jenni Kate Baros

weekend warrior

There are still
black bristled hairs in

the carpet that I wanted
with hardwood – until

the heater ruptured, turning our living
room into waterfall

– and then there was the time the
thermostat froze
into a land mine waiting
for just the right
jostle of tiny human feet to burst

on still new wood floors
while the repair truck

slid off the side of our mountain
- 9,000 feet in the air -
and the bears tipped over the trash cans
every night, so I woke to drifts of debris
and yesterday’s coffee

I held
faithful umber eyes,
while a stranger in clown covered scrubs
gave her the goodnight-sweet-girl
in a syringe, handed a used leash to the receptionist
and walked out automatic
doors alone

you were gone that weekend, too.

Jenni Kate Baros is finishing her graduate thesis at Eastern New Mexico University. Prior to becoming its editor, Jenni Kate’s fiction has been published by El Portal, and she received the ENMU Writers’ Retreat Top Honors for Poetry. She lives in Colorado with her husband, teenaged children, and two obstinate, silver Labradors.

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