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Mawi Sonna


They say the only country in deep space

is where the last refrain is in a traveler’s eyes


               the laughter of a black hole

               that escaped its own darkness.

I believed in the divine as the only answer

and sacrifice

               as the only means of acceptance


               I learned to love the silence

left behind in rubble and waste, an observatory

of prayers

               laced with curiosity of the eternal

               where suffering begins in stillness

and ends in motion, as if


               memory becomes

               a gravity worthy of faith in God

where before everything

there was only Existence

I am a Kansan and a graduate student (Seaton Fellow) at Kansas State University. My poems have appeared in Touchstone Literary Magazine, The Underground, and others. Along with writing poetry, I enjoy spending time with my cat, Sebastian, and planning my next adventure.

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