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Marcia Arrieta


the sea & stars

the horses in the field

currents & crosswinds

light, history, dreams

the sculpture of the flying fish

the stone with the ancient language

I shelter hummingbirds

I gather driftwood

I learn the inside of a bird’s wing

the contour of a sunflower

Marcia Arrieta lives on the canyon close to the mountains in Pasadena, California. The author of three poetry collections: perimeter, homespun and archipelago counterpoint (BlazeVOX) and triskelion, tiger moth, tangram, thyme (Otoliths). Her recent work appears in Claw & Blossom, Cloudbank, Word For/Word, Otis Nebula, Anastamos, and Angel City Review. She edits and publishes Indefinite Space, a poetry/art journal.

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