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Andrew Periale

Evolving the Conversation

a salon in the exurbs

the featured guest teasing

mysteries out of the cheese plate

we’ve looked up liminality

(at least once) our ideas projected

on the tent of evening

the inspired jibber-jabber

juking the giddy light

of our little white nights

the free flow of booze 

de rigueur, igniting 

the luminaria of our “aha!”s

Andrew Periale is an Emmy-nominated artist, and has toured throughout the US as actor and puppeteer. He’s been the editor of Puppetry International magazine for 36 years, and has written plays performed around the country. He served for four years as the Poet Laureate of Rochester, NH. His poetry has appeared in Light Quarterly, Yellow Medicine Review, Entelechy International, Burnt Bridge and others, as well as in numerous anthologies. Once everyone has been vaccinated, he will continue touring solo with Mano-a-Monolog, and Forman Brown, New Hampshire’s Forgotten Poet.

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