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J.E. O'Leary


this is where they bring the beautiful trains

down by the streets that end 

in little lakes

it is already hot at 6am

the one thick cloud blocking

the sun will soon be gone

urgency is muffled

like a smoke alarm

covered with a pillow

a laugh under a mask

a star versus a packet of

water in the sky

at night it idles.

it hovers above the house. it does.

i think the only thing that changes

is my tired perception of it

i do try to grab it in my own way

the pharmacy gates come down

the last mail truck pulls in to the lot

J.E. O'Leary is a poet, musician, and visual artist from NYC. For over 20 years, he has been bringing his words and music to NYC’s stages, festivals, subway platforms, and gallery walls. His latest poetry collection, What a Future, was released in December, 2020. His writing and music can be found at

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