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Jessica Heron

Traditional Meal Taken Alone

I get up to clear my plate.

Nothing different, nothing

discovered. Just a song

purged. From my phone

I heard back in the day

on the boulevard of Linden.

Gramma Blanche moved

matzoh brie around in a pan.

I have all her plates,

glasses, pots, and these

hands, this height, everything

the same in our kitchens barely

big enough to move in. Fed,

I fold my hands, wait. The

recipe hasn’t changed

for ages. The only difference is

Blanche did the dishes

right away, while I watch them

sit, stained.

Jessica Heron has been published in Wormwood Magazine and Pitch/Niche and her work is forthcoming in the Horror Zine and Black Petals. She is thrilled to be a November 2021 poet for the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project. When she’s not enmeshed in the writing process, she is building toward her MFA in Creative Writing at Cedar Crest College and managing life with hidden disabilities. As a nearly lifelong resident of the state of New Jersey, she especially loves her NJ beaches and parks.

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