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Keith Nunes

A comic of my life

I’m not a comic,

My life could be a comic but

I’m definitely not funny,

Although I tell my girlfriend I am,

She knows I’m not even tho she doesn’t say that outright

Because she’s a caring and empathetic person,

But I’m not funny,

The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry isn’t funny either,

Anne Carson’s ‘Autobiography of Red’ is horrendously unfunny,

Poignant but it doesn’t make you laugh, at all, the once but that’s all,

Lots of people are funny, many of them are dead because they didn’t

think life was that funny, but they could be funny on cue,


My parents say that I am funny at the dinner table, 

When I eat, because it appeared from the outset that I seemed to

have had some sort of stroke which prevented me from getting food

into my mouth without spilling large amounts of it, on me, mostly, 

and my girlfriend agrees with them that I’d adhere to the dictum of

being funny when you don’t intend to be funny, a worldwide

problem to be fair 

The hat

The moiling, jolted hat

On the tiny woman, in the far background

Of the iconic painting

                                                 That’s what holds my eye

                                                                                                         What confounds me

Its chant-like cadence 

Its obtuseness 

The unreasonable shape of it

The ephemeral, sacred color

Of what? Heaven?

I can’t focus on the people who want me to move on

The gallery is bustling

I don’t understand what they’re saying

                                                                                                   Move to where?

                                                                                                   From here?

                                                                                                  Where there’s no hat!

The hat will not be abandoned, will not be marginalized,

It’s  inconceivable that the throng don’t see its importance

The painting hangs on the hat

                                                                        Not the other way round

Keith Nunes(Aotearoa/New Zealand) has had poetry, fiction, haiku and visuals published around the globe. He creates ethereal manifestations because he's inept at anything practical or useful.

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