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Nancy Goldberg

A Fairy's Tribute

I forgot to sprinkle the dirt  

on Cape Breton Island.

Then, the trip to the Azores was cancelled,

so I brought it to Monhegan.

Triptych of windows face the ocean;

goats roam over the crest on Manana.

Seagulls screech past Queen Anne’s lace,

tiger lilies tickle casement windows 

flung open to catch the breeze.

I follow the deck and tall grass meadow

flanking the fence.

I sprinkle the dirt.

A shiny black stone stares at me

from the bottom of the bag.

Nancy Goldberg lives in Freeport, Maine with her husband and 17-year old daughter; her 21-year old daughter is a senior at Colby College. She enjoys cross-country skiing, knitting and reading and works as a high school humanities teacher at Maine Coast Waldorf School.  She holds Masters’ degrees in literature and education. Her work has previously been published in Oyez, Still Crazy and Laurel Review.

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