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Bhagavan Das Lescault

My Name is Shug Lescault and I'm a long time dedicated yogi living off the grid in the western mountains of Maine at a beautiful ashram (spiritual community) dedicated to helping the world and all beings experience their full potential through yoga. I travel extensively to help share this message and energy through my tattooing as well as sacred devotional music, yoga teachings and creative carpentry. Each piece of artwork that I do is a reflection of positive life enhancing intentions that are established with and for the benefit of the wearer. The tattoos are a direct manifestation of the meditation process that we work together on, resulting in a living magical talisman that guides, protects, and helps enable the holders life to move in the right direction.

Contact: Instagram @satmanavyogi
Facebook business page Sat Manav Tattoos and Talismans
General ashram info

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