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Cora McCann Liderbach

Walt Whitman, Ray Bradbury and Me

After deep brain stimulation surgery for essential tremor

I sing the body electric, for I am the electric grandmother,

my factory in the future.

A battery hums inside me, calms the rebel nerves bedeviling

my adolescence, adulthood—head wobbly, hands unsteady.

Now plastic and metal implants mesh with flesh to let me

lift a latte to my lips without spilling

line my eyelids without smudging

sign my name without trembling.

Today, I watch a gull flotilla bob on the lake—one soars up,

glides down, a paper airplane—my head and hands still

as the cloudless sky.


Cora McCann Liderbach lives on the shores of Lake Erie in Lakewood, Ohio. Her poetry has appeared in Last Stanza Poetry Journal, The RavensPerch, Poem for Cleveland Anthology, Crab Creek Review, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Poetic Inventory, LunaNegra Online, Ariel’s Dream Journal, Imposter Literary Journal and Broadkill Review, among others.


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