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Kevin Flynn

Bark 5627

Bark 5676

Bark 5610

Bark 5669

Bark 5662


Artist Statement: My neighbor removed a large Platanus tree (commonly called a plane or sycamore) from his front yard. When the arborist cut it down he dissected the trunk into several sections. I retrieved some of these which I used in a series of photographs called the Nature series. When finished with that project, I placed them in our yard to decompose and provide a habitat for insects and mushrooms. Over time, the bark separated from the wood (xylem) revealing underneath a surface texture similar to fur that contrasted with the rough rock like exterior. In my creative practice many of my projects have their own life cycles which can consist of days or decades. What was interesting to me about this work was the lack of intent: I did not plan to wait eleven years to reuse these objects again. It just slowly evolved that way.


Kevin Flynn is a non-commercial photographer and visual artist who resides in Oakland, California. He attained the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography from the Aesthetic Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz


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