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Sean J. Mahoney

Dad wrote a speech with me

It was said we all were once warriors, once

Face paint and weapons, tacit agreements

Amongst headless angels, bodies scarred

With dreams of retiring, popping quick like

Water crushing your ribs free from all air…

And alphabetic cereals, soups, the fat wallet

Father carried side pocket for as long as you

Knew him, before the divorce and after he

Helped you write your graduation speech.

I realized he could be funny, be witty,

As he seldom seemed either during his time

In flesh. Well…beyond bar guy humor

And maybe round the hall water cooler at

The claims office; front line of insurance

Policy and adjustments, paper clips of men

And women in the American southwest

Hold insecurities of a species upright…

Cabinet of wild loopholes, expected rules.


Sean J Mahoney lives in Santa Ana, California with Dianne, her mother, 4 dogs, and 4 renters. He believes that Judas was a way better singer than Jesus and dark chocolate is extraordinarily good for people. Sean helps run the Zoeglossia booth at the annual AWP bookfair...poetry by crips. He is a Zoeglossia Fellow. Sean co-edited the first 3 volumes of the MS benefit anthology series Something On Our Minds. His chapbook Politics or Disease, please… is available from Finishing Line Press.


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