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Ann Leamon


Left breast. 

My orders, stacked 

on the radiologist’s desk with

others like so many 

lunch slips at a diner.

Cook this one well done. 

Excuse me, I couldn’t help seeing, it’s the right. 

My poor right breast, excavated, lacerated, irradiated

all that summer, 8AM, screeching

off the highway on two wheels to hang

clothes in the locker, wait

in the colorless,

windowless room with old

magazines no one

reads, study

for ten trudging

minutes the poem

I never memorized while

the machine muttered

its language of zaps and pings. 

Oh, he said

and laughed. We make mistakes

sometimes. Of course. The right. 

A Mainer who’s been blown around the country and recently fetched up on the rocky shores of Gloucester, MA—Maine in attitude if not zip code—Ann Leamon has written professionally for more than 20 years. Along with co-authoring a textbook about private equity and venture capital, she has written more than 150 business cases for Harvard Business School. More recently, she researched and wrote reports for groups including the World Bank, CDC Group, State Street Global Advisors, and Knight Foundation. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Bennington Writing Seminars, and have published poems in The Lyric, the Charles River Review, The Barefoot Muse, and The Trouvaille Review.

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