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Mimi White


The last gift I gave him

our final summer at the island

was a fake ivory cribbage set

that I knew he would never play,

and a crisp deck of cards

he easily shuffled like a waterfall

of clattering wings.  Do that again,

just for me,

the sound that your hands could make

from glossy paper and air.

Your hands still mine to hold

before the lamps

are lit, before the sky

burns out.

Mimi White has published four collections of poetry.  Her chapbook, The Singed Horizon was selected by Robert Creeley as the winner of The Philbrick Poetry Award, The Last Island was awarded the Jane Kenyon Award for Outstanding Poetry.  Her most recent collection, The Arc Remains is available from Deerbrook Editions.  She has published in dozens of journals including FIELD, Poetry, and Lunation.  She is a long-time resident of Rye, NH.

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