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A beauty I cannot capture, a film by Lior Locher


Lior Locher is a nonbinary mixed-media artist, mainly working in acrylic, collage and printmaking. After having lived in 6 countries on 4 continents and being homeless at some point, they are now based at the English seaside. Their training is in personal development, coaching and therapy, they are fascinated by people’s inner lives and how we make sense of our own inner journeys as humans, and the inner dynamics and stories we tell ourselves.

The mixed media collages are part of a series on foreignness, strangeness, diaspora and living in several cultures, and the attractions of a big city for people who are a bit different.

The film “A beauty I cannot capture” contrasts two visits of the same performance art exhibition pieces with a 15-year time difference. This provides a backdrop for exploring coming out, new disability, co-creation between strangers and how that changed with smartphones, and what (if anything) remains of an experience in our memories, and in the world. The film is 7 min, hand-drawn and had its debut at the House of Smalls’ "between the lines" exhibition in February 2024.


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