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Headlines - Richard Shindell

Spider Wasp

Put down the power washer,

remove your safety glasses,

pour out the hour of rage

and make way for a spider wasp

dragging its prey across the patio.

Observe how they skirt the clay-

red sea you’ve blasted into being,

and how the wasp struggles

to free the spider when it snags

on uneven brick or a tuft of moss.

When they reach the far wall, marvel

that the wasp neither stops nor turns,

but starts to climb, backwards!

into smooth vertical. Wonder

if the wasp knows where it’s going

and if the spider, now dangling,

is as dead as it appears.

Then look up into the eaves

for a nest you might’ve missed.

when you began readying

the house for another season

before you knew.


Richard Shindell is a songwriter, guitarist, singer and producer. Originally from New York, he now lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina with his wife and family.


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