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Owen Brown

A Western Painting

Fleeing Irpin the flight into Egypt

loneliness in Dallas

Tulips Still Life, finger exercises series

The Second Impeachment Triptych


Thinking is more interesting than knowing, less interesting than looking. The source of my practice is the world with its beauty and confusion – nature, alien and alluring, the social, equally baffling but no less wonderful, and the uncomfortable friction between that, and our internal interpretations. Life eludes easy understanding or conclusion: what are we seeing when we really think about it, how did we miss it before? I was born in Chicago, trained as a pianist, took an art class at 23, and what I’ve wanted since then has been to paint. I hold degrees from Yale and the University of Chicago, and was a degree student at California College of the Arts. I lived for 30 years in San Francisco, where I was shown by Meridian Gallery. I now live in Minneapolis. I’ve exhibited in juried shows and solo exhibits throughout the US, Europe and Canada. My works have been acquired by the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Nature Conservancy, the Minnesota Historical Society, the University of Chicago and the Weisman Museum, and can be found in collections in this country, Europe, and Asia. What else? I know that I am eccentric, but at least I am consistent. A Western Painting: Done on the summer plains: I saw combines where once were horses. Fleeing Irpin: Refugees from a Ukrainian village, along with angels from Ruben’s “Flight from Egypt.? To be auctioned for Ukraine relief. Loneliness in Dallas: Seen in a shop: the connected glance. What was on between the two of them? I’ll never know their truth. So I substituted my truth. The 2nd Impeachment: Angry over Jan 6? I was. This came out of it. Tulips: Can’t be angry always: still lifes bring tranquility to me and, I hope, joy to viewers.


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